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delivering agile solutions

engineered to your specifications


we are dedicated to delivering

superior, responsive services

Milling cutting metalworking process. Pr

custom machining

  • Simple and complex machining to customer designs.

  • Various materials including alloy steel, stainless steel, exotic alloys, plastics

  • Gas nitriding and phosphating

  • Any run size, including one-offs

  • Efficient prototype machining

  • Quick turnaround based on lean manufacturing principles

  • We stock a wide range of materials and can procure material as required

  • Specializing in large, complex components

Key in the Lock

turnkey service

  • We take responsibility for sourcing, quality and delivery of raw material

  • We hold the material in inventory, reducing customer inventory

  • Savings for customers by reducing paperwork and logistical planning

industrial drawing detail and several dr

engineered solutions

  • In house engineering resources quickly transform your ideas into practical solutions.

  • Imaginative approach to reduce complexity and improve performance

Steel shaft gear after nitriding.jpg

gas nitriding

  • We offer on site gas nitriding service with faster turn around times compared to sub-contracted services.

  • Masking-off capabilities

  • Fully automated system

  • Digital process records

  • Process can be customized to meet your engineering specifications

Pressure Testing

assembly & test

  • We assembles and test products to customer requirements

  • All testing records can be supplied as required to meet customer specifications

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