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Leading edge technology and innovation

Advanced Machining

Advanced Machining Technologies
  • 5-axis simultaneous multi-tasking machining improves accuracy

  • Multiple robotic machining cells

  • Zeiss Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

  • Large vertical lathes with live tooling

  • Latest CAM software

  • Commonly machine large components with multiple, offset, non-parallel bores


Robotic Automation
  • Programed robotic arms

  • Autonomous pallet system

Computer Assisted Manufacturing

  • Creates optimal tool path

  • Improved delivery times through decreased setup and machining time

  • Efficiently generates CNC code for complex shapes and surfaces

  • Capable of processing all common solid model formats

Gas Nitriding

Gas Nitriding Surface Treatement
  • Creates thin, hardened case for wear and corrosion resistance 

  • Process logs and calibration records are available

  • Fully automated process can be tailored to meet different case depth and hardness requirements

  • Does not distort the part or affect mechanical characteristics below the hardened case

  • Computer controlled system creates consistent results

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